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By themselves, they form almost a continent from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean, the United States offers a stunning contrast.
Visit the Big Apple, New York, gives the impression to circumnavigate the globe. In south Louisiana remembers its French heritage and New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. In Florida, almost tropical flora of mangrove hosts wild alligators.
Much farther west, California is still dreaming. The cosmopolitan cities of San Francisco or Los Angeles, national parks, especially near the Hollywood causing a stampede towards the West.
This wild and megacities are also found in Canada.

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  Hamakua Hideaway Cliffhouse

Hamakua Hideaway Cliffhouse

Overlooking Waipio Valley, the Hamakua Hideaway Cliff House is a very private, quiet cottage, perched on a cliff above North Hawaii's rugged wilderness coast, bordered by a mountain stream that falls 750 feet into the sea, with panoramic views of Waipio Valley, the Hamakua Coast, the ocean and the island of Maui beyond.

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